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As a driver, to know what is best for your vehicle, consider your priorities, while you drive. Though expectations of drivers may differ, all agree to have a ‘great tyre performance’ as their primary need. 

Performance tyres are thus, built to offer drivers 

  • precise vehicle steering with improved responsiveness 
  • ride comfort
  • superior control on the road
  • long-lasting tyre lifespan
  • speed ratings to indicate – performance, high-performance and ultra-high performance
  • and of course, great style and agility 

Performance tyres Lichfield are designed with unique tread design. They have a large patch which provides effortless gripping capabilities. These tyres can offer stability even at high speeds while cornering. 

The heightened driving experience of performance tyres includes – shorter stopping distances, increased cornering stability, and enhanced grip. 

Sports style vehicles will benefit the most from performance tyres. This is because they are designed with the same purpose – a spirited and speedy performance. 

Selecting performance tyre

Keep these few essential things in mind when you shop for performance tyres. 

  • All of the four performance tyres must have the same speed rating
  • The tyres meet the car manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Ensure speed ratings are calculated as per lab tests conducted under controlled conditions

You would have to check the speed ratings recommended for your vehicle before you pick the tyre. Also, these tyres come with grades indicating treadwear, traction, and temperature tolerance. Some tyres come with unique icons to show they meet the Rubber Manufacturer Association’s standards for snow and mud tyre. Usually, these elements contain all information related to tyre size, specifications and proper tyre pressure. 

You can always ask our technicians to help you with picking the right tyre for you. 

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Get the right tyre service

No matter how powerful your vehicle is, it cannot run in its full capacity without a set of good, quality tyres.

Therefore, our tyre experts at Trade Tyre Services are always up to the task. They help you determine the suitable performance tyres Lichfield for your car. Our garage specialises in the repair, replacement, and fitting tyres for vehicles of every make and model. 

You can ask them technical questions about the tyre or vehicle and be sure to get the right answers. 

Schedule your appointment today or drive down to our garage to experience friendly tyre services in your budget.