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Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car, whereas, their importance is still unknown to the majority of car owners. The car is dependant on the tyres for smooth mobility and manoeuvrability. It is the only point of contact between the car and the road. It is responsible to carry the complete weight of a car. They are also the part of the car that is neglected and barred from maintenance the most. We, at Trade Tyre Services, can maintain this key component of your car. We assure you that you will be free of any tyre damage and safe at all times.

Turf and ATV Tyres

Turf tyres are an important part of the golf course and landscaping industries. They provide excellent traction with minimal damage to the turf due to their wideness and unique tread pattern.

ATV tyres are mounted on all-terrain vehicles and are known to provide adequate grip in all conditions. However, these tyres also come in a wide range and have seasonal categories too. An ATV owner has to be prepared to buy several seasonal tyres if they want excellent grip in all various conditions.

We, at Trade Tyre Services, offer a wide range of tyres for various types of 4x4 and off-road vehicles. We have a wide collection of turf and ATV tyres as well. We provide tyres of all ranges and you’re sure to find a set as per your budget.

Why Trade Tyre Services

We are a customer orientated garage and value our customers above everything else. We aim to provide them with excellent products and best in class services.

Our professionals are some of the best technicians in Lichfield. They have been extensively trained to be proficient at their job and deliver efficient results. They have been provided with various types of training not only to ensure work efficiency of the garage but also help the technicians improve. We do so to improve and enhance their skill set.

We have the latest pieces of technology to ensure even more accurate results. This fusion of efficient machinery and expert technicians has helped us deliver value-for-money services. We guarantee to work up to your expectations, as customer satisfaction is the top-most priority for us.