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Safety is the prime factor that manufacturers keep in mind while building cars. They ensure that you are safe and comfortable in your car at all times. Your car is a maze of several parts working in unison. Wheels are assigned to take care of the mobility duty. No, they can’t do this alone, they need tyres to make the drive smooth and comfortable. While the car manufacturers take care of the car’s safety aspects, Bridgestone has taken charge of manufacturing equally safe tyres.

Stirring up the Tyre Industry

The revolution was initiated by Shojiro Ishibashi, founder of this current global leader of the industry. The name of the company, Bridgestone, is an English translation of the founder himself. True to its name, the company has been a bridge between traditional designs and modern methodology. This has helped them design some of the best tyres available in the world today. We, at Trade Tyre Services, are inspired by the way they work and aim to work as efficiently as they do. We use the traditional methods along with the latest technology to deliver best in class results to our customers in Lichfield and the surrounding areas.

Everybody Knows the Name

The company has, over the years, become a global leader and has a family of over 150k employees. It has become a household name and has spread its reach across all the continents. With some of the most skilful experts spread over its 180 research facilities, the company takes pride in being spread over 150 countries and being able to serve all of them with nothing but the best products. We, at Trade Tyre Services, follow their footsteps and ensure that we provide our customers with best in class services and products only.

Bridgestone and Trade Tyre Services

We, Trade Tyre Services, are one of the best tyre dealers in Lichfield. We have an extensive collection of tyres manufactured by the king of the industry, Bridgestone. You can be sure to find the best deals on the latest Bridgestone tyres and other car services at our garage. We price our services, keeping the market rates in mind. Bridgestone is our most selling tyre brand, and we have been able to gain a lot of customers owing to their product quality. The exquisite designs of their products are some of the best in the industry, while the products itself are some of the safest, most-efficient and value-for-money tyres.

Our professionals, at Lichfield, are well versed with the various abilities of different tyres and can help you get the perfect set for your beast. Visit us if you’re planning to buy a set of new tyres and we can help you get the most efficient ones. 

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