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A smart way to take care of your vehicle is to keep a check on its tyre health. Well-kept tyres offer a smooth drive and can help you gain premium performance from your vehicle. To understand how tyres can make or break your driving experience, visit our garage. Our tyre specialists will be pleased to guide you with the right tyre service. 

Customers can now buy tyres online at cost-effective prices. They can use our tyre finder tool to search for summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, performance tyres and more. Our stocked tyres are from a prominent brand like Continental Tyres. The brand which engineers tyres for safety and comfort.

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Continental Tyres is a leading brand which has made its strong presence felt across the globe. It is a renowned brand specialising in all-terrain and all-weather tyres. Their tyres are manufactured for use by 2-wheeler-bicycle & motorbikes, four-wheeler-cars and vans, commercial vehicles-trucks and buses and heavy equipment industry. Their tyres are designed to suit various road conditions and axles. The brand manufactures various types of tyres. The most popular and widely used are the Hybrid HS3, Conti Hybrid HT3 and ContiUrban HA3. They are the most sought after options of types for commercial vehicles.

Continental tyres are preferred globally for their retread ability, fuel efficiency and improved mileage performance. Their tyres are manufactured with some advanced features such as the high-density interlocking sipes, wider tread ribs, increased cut resistance, superior heat endurance capability and enhanced wet braking performance. The tyres are designed to provide drivers with better cornering stability in different weather conditions.

But to ensure that you keep enjoying a smooth drive, it is important to have the car repaired regularly. Bring your vehicle to us for a professional repair experience. Our tyre repair services are honest, quick and affordable. We believe in carrying out a detailed job on the vehicle. 

Trade Tyre Services will service your car even if it is out of warranty and help to make it road-friendly again. You can get in touch with our experts for consultation, as well. We work hard to give our customers the best tyre service experience they deserve.