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Not all tyres are made equal. Hence, it becomes essential for car owners to get the best tyres as per their car type and invest in their maintenance, regularly. Trade Tyre Services can help you with both. We offer reliable repair and maintenance of tyres. For replacements, you can choose from our range of stocked tyres from one of the renowned brand like Goodyear Tyres. Use the tyre finder tool available on our website to search for the tyres. Or you can have a word with our consultants to help you choose the tyres for your car.

Goodyear Tyres is an international brand of high repute. Its competitive edge is fuelled by constant innovation and superior product quality. The brand manufactures tyres for racing cars, passenger cars, bikes, heavy-duty vehicles and industrial equipment. Since its inception, the company has successfully established a strong brand identity and customer loyalty.

Get Unmatched Tyre Quality

For over a hundred years now, the company has been innovating with its tyres. Their high level of innovation filters down the needs of the everyday consumer. Hence, the brand promises cutting-edge technology with every tyre they manufacture. Their tyres offer advanced gripping in both wet and dry conditions along with responsiveness and stability to steering and excellent tread wear to mileage.

It is no doubt that customers across the globe highly prefer their tyres. Reason being they last longer than their counterparts. The brand is devoted to providing driving excellence for cars of every make. Their innovation centres strive to develop state-of-the-art tyres which set the performance and technology standard for the industry. Their tyres come equipped with some pretty advanced safety features to boot. Owing to these benefits, customers do not mind paying a little more upfront for Goodyear tyres than other brands. 

Now that you have the best tyre, it is essential that you give them the best care they need. Our specialists at Trade Tyre Services know this. Therefore, we offer 360-degree tyre aftercare services for vehicles of every make and model. We pride in offering unbiased mechanic services so that your tyre performs its best, no matter what terrain you take. 

You can get in touch with our technicians for tyres with varying needs like summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres and more. You can visit us at our garage, drop us an email or call us to talk to our experts and know more about effective tyre-care.