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Tyre Manufacturers - Michelin Tyres

Most tyres perform well most of the time, but it is the tough roads that genuinely test their performance. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure you get only the most suitable tyres for your car. Besides, taking care of the tyres is equally important, as well. This ensures that they last longer and offer a smooth driving experience.

Car owners can order best tyre replacements from the renowned brand from our facility. We stock a range of Michelin tyres like summer tyres, winter tyres, all-season tyres, van tyres and more. Michelin tyres have a strong foothold on every continent. They are a global tyre and mobility services player with seven R&D centres, 69 tyre manufacturing facilities and sales agencies in 171 countries, across the globe. 

Michelin: Tyres That Keep You Safe 

When it comes to safety, Michelin tyres is the name that comes to mind. Michelin tyres have been a long-term contributor to the automotive industry. Their tyres are trusted and highly preferred for their strength, durability, safety, reliability, innovation and technological superiority. Their tyre manufacturing team is backed by strong research and development. The use of superior technology in the production of tyres ensures smooth braking, traction, steering, comfort, handling while offering complete all-round protection.

The brand manufactures tyres for luxury cars, 2-wheelers, passenger vehicles, SUVs, LT, HT, trucks, bus, space shuttles, aircraft, speciality equipment manufacturing companies and more. The company’s model is based on innovation. They capitalise on their know-how and rely on their mobility-related services and solutions to create unmatched tyres for the automotive segment. The company aims to continually improve customer satisfaction and embrace technology to manufacture superior tyres for their customers.

We can all recall times when a worn-out tyre caused uncomfortable driving experience. To avoid times such as these, it is best to get your tyres inspected as per their maintenance schedule from skilled mechanics.

We, at Trade Tyre Services, can help you maintain your tyres at their optimum best. Our team is experienced and efficient, who can offer you the right service and the guidance that you are looking for. You can get in touch with our technicians if you have any doubts regarding car care. We are a friendly team who will guide you in the best way possible.