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When you talk about safety in cars, tyres top the list. Considering their need in emergencies, they are more important than airbags. They are the only point of contact between your car and the road surface. Therefore, they are a decisive factor when you need to stop suddenly if someone walks in front of the car. The importance of car still stands unknown to the majority of the car owners. They ignore their car tyres and choose to not maintain them properly. However, we, at Trade Tyre Services, can help you get the best tyres for your car that will provide you with excellent performance in exchange for a little bit of care.

Pirelli- Elite Tyre Manufacturers

When we’re looking for the best, Pirelli is the go-to brand. Pirelli is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world today. They manufacture excellent tyres that are known to provide an adequate amount of grip in the toughest conditions. From Winter Sottozero 3 for the cold weather to Scorpion Verde for all-season and P Zero for the summer season, Pirelli has manufactured some of the most efficient tyres of all time. We, at Trade Tyre Services, are inspired by their way of work and aim to deliver best in class services and products to our customers.


Established by Giovanni Battista Pirelli, “G.B. Pirelli & C” was a limited partnership in Milan. It was established to manufacture elastic rubber items. It was soon liquidated, after which “Pirelli & C”, a limited shares partnership, was established. The first production plant was built in 1873, in Milano, and the first tyre was launched in 1894. Since then, it has been history. From development in car tyres in 1901 to the innovation and designing of Cinturato in 1949, the company has been innovative since its first year of establishment.

We, at Trade Tyre Services, are one of the best dealers of Pirelli tyres in Lichfield. We offer the excellence of Pirelli at the best price to our customers.

Why Trade Tyre Services

Just like Pirelli, we want to make sure that we are catering quality services and products to our customers. We have an excellent team of technicians who are proficient at their job. They have been extensively trained to ensure that they provide efficient services to our customers.

We also ensure to get all the necessary machinery and pieces of equipment for our technicians. We provide them with the necessary training required to deal with the latest pieces of technology and deliver accurate and quality results.

We also take pride in our wide collection of tyres. We have some of the latest Pirelli tyres, and offer them at better prices than any other garage in Lichfield.

With this perfect blend of experts, efficient machinery and excellent products, we aim to deliver best in class services and deals to our customers. We assure to work up to your expectations, as your satisfaction is our prime goal.