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Cars have become an important part of our lives. They are a household need now. They have made commuting so much easier that travelling long distances isn’t a problem any more. Cars are also helpful for transportation. Imagine walking to the office and back home, then preparing to do this again the next day. Cars are majorly dependant on tyres for mobility. Tyres are the point of contact between the road surface and the car. They are also an important safety aspect and can be the decisive factor in emergencies like an animal running onto the road or a car braking suddenly. We, at Trade Tyre Services, know the importance of tyres and can help you make sure that they last for a long time.

About Uniroyal

The company was established in 1868 by Oscar Englebert, who was a former Belgian artillery officer. He opened a small shop in Liege to sell rubber goods. It was way ahead of its time but the founder knew the potential it had. Under the leadership of his son, Oscar Englebert Jr, the company soon had its factory and manufactured several rubber items. From bathing caps to raincoats, Englebert manufactured everything.

His son also started manufacturing tyres, initially for bicycles and horse-drawn vehicles, due to his interest in the materials water-resistant properties. With huge success all the way, the company merged with US Rubber in 1950.

Excellent Products

Uniroyal is known to be the first to manufacture “rain tyres”, understand the water-deflecting ability of V-shaped tread pattern, and also the first to have used bio-mimicry in their products. The company aims to keep its customers safe at all times, even when the conditions are wet.

Their latest innovation is the Shark Skin Technology (SST). It is the first of its kind tyre that uses bio-mimicry of a shark’s skin. It is replicated in their RainSport 3 and RainExpert 3 tyres and is helpful in preventing aquaplaning.

RainSport 5, Rain Max 3, AllSeasonExpert 2, AllSeasonMax and SnowMax 2 are a few of the excellent products Uniroyal has to offer.

We, at Trade Tyre Services, are one of the best dealers of Uniroyal tyres. We offer these excellent tyres at a better price than most of the garages in Lichfield.

Why Us

We, at Trade Tyre Services, aim to provide our customers only with the best in class services and quality products.

We have extensively trained our technicians to enhance and widen their skill set. They have been provided with all the necessary training to improve their work quality. This not only helps in delivering efficient services and gain the trust of our customers but also helps the technicians to learn more.

We have the latest pieces of equipment at our garage to improve work quality furthermore. We have all the necessary tool and technology required to deliver accurate and efficient results.

Customers are the most important for us, with their satisfaction being above everything else.