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Tyres can be a tricky subject during winters. And without knowing which is what, you may not be able to choose the right tyre for your vehicle. On the other hand, the poor driving conditions makes choosing suitable winter tyres, all the more necessary. To find out more about winter tyres you can get in touch with our experts at Lichfield. Our dedicated professionals will be pleased to provide the best service and consultation you are looking for.

Winter tyres offer outstanding grip on road surfaces which are covered with ice, and snow. However, it must be noted that winter tyres are best used during the cold season only and not any other. Reason being these tyres have a compound which is too soft for dry asphalt, and therefore, it wears out quickly. Moreover, these tyres will lead to higher fuel consumption due to increased rolling resistance. Hence, they are best fit for temperatures below 7-degrees Celsius.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres are made up of compound which contains a high amount of natural rubber. Therefore, it does not harden when the temperature drops below 7-degrees Celsius. These tyres stay flexible and limber in cold climates and minimise the stopping distance when braking. The deep blocks of winter tyres dig into ice and snow to offer more grip. They also have a lot of sipes and are excellent to clear water and slush away and mitigate the risk of hydroplaning.

Studded winter tyres can handle icy driving situations. They have metal studs embedded within their tread. These small pieces of metal are engineered to dig into ice and hence offer the added traction. When the driving surface is not covered in ice, then studded tyres can cause damage to the road surface as these tyres are tough even to dig into pavements. Hence, the use of winter tyres is limited in non-winter months.

Its alternative, studless snow tyres, have now become the preferred tyres for winter drivers. These tyres rely on advances in rubber compounding, tread designs and other unique technologies. The several tiny slits on studless tyres help with acceleration, deceleration and braking. 


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